SAPWIN is an integrated package of schematic capture, symbolic analysis and graphic post-processing for linear analog circuits.

The program provides several tools to create the schematic of a linear analog circuit, perform its symbolic analysis (find the network function in the Laplace domain with symbolic parameters), and to show the results in graphic form.

  • In the schematic capture option, the main screen is a white sheet where the user can draw a circuit by using typical Windows tools to copy, cut, paste, move and edit a component or a part of the schematic.

  • All passive and active, bipolar and two-port, linear components are available, including RLC elements, controlled sources, operational amplifiers and small-signal equivalent models of BJT and MOSFET transistors.

  • The simulator can calculate the symbolic network function of the circuit with an adjustable "symbolic level", namely, each component can appear in the network function with its symbolic name or with a numerical value.

  • The program contains a user controlled approximation routine to reduce the symbolic expression to its most significant terms and suppress the others.

  • The graphical post processor is able to show the network function and to plot gain, phase, delay, poles and zeros position, time-domain step and impulse response.

  • The program is written in C++ and runs on PC Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP) environment.


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